Purple Leads is pleased to announce that it now offers credit restoration leads generation services.  The current financial climate has put many, many people in need of credit help and repair services.  If you are a credit repair expert, you know that many potential clients are out there, looking for people to help them.  Purple Leads can help you find them.

Purple Leads is the Internet’s premiere lead generation service and we now specialize in generating leads for credit repair and restoration, in addition to debt help businesses.  As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to find each next client, which is why our dedicated staff of lead generation experts works so hard to put you in touch with clients.  At Purple Leads, we make it our business to find you business.  Our leads generation staff will actively listen to you to get a sense of how your business operates and what your specific needs are.  Our experts custom-build a marketing program offline, online or both, that fits both your needs and your budget.

As a founding executive of Purple Leads said, “Your business is credit repair.  Our business is helping you find people with credit restoration needs.”  Purple Leads is serious about helping you grow your credit repair business by finding potential clients now.  Your potential clients may have a less-than-desirable credit score, or may need your help to position themselves for a better mortgage.  Whoever your potential client is, Purple Leads can help them find you quickly and easily by helping you create and implement a marketing campaign tailored to your business.

About Us
At Purple Leads (www.purpleleads.com), we facilitate online and offline marketing campaigns to generate RESPONSIVE leads that CLOSE for our clients. Some of our advertising mediums for lead generation include PPC (Pay Per Click) Internet Marketing, Television, Radio, and Bulk Mail.