When you are looking to grow your business and enlarge your credit repair client base, common sense probably tells you that brand new leads are best and that aged leads are just a waste of your company’s time and money.  If you take a look at statistical data, however, you can easily see that “common sense” is not always the best choice.

According to studies, less than 25% of real time leads are ready to purchase goods or services at the exact time they fill out an online request for information.  This makes sense if you think about it in the proper light.  With so many scam artists trolling the internet and preying on those in need of credit repair or credit restoration help, people are starting to learn that they need to take their time and do their homework before making any important decisions and handing over their personal information to a stranger.

 In the end, roughly 80% of leads are sold somewhere between their fifth and 12th contact with a sales person.  Statistically speaking, only 2% of leads are closed in real time, but as much as 50% of leads are closed eventually.  That leaves 48% of credit help leads hanging in limbo until someone has the patience and the persistence to wait for the potential client to be ready for action. 

Finding leads for your credit repair business is much more subtle than simply finding the newest leads.  As the old adage goes, waste not, want not.  People are out there searching for help in restoring their credit and nobody knows the credit help and restoration process like you do.  Purple Leads works hard to connect you to the people who need your expert advice.  The use of aged leads can yield surprising results if you are working with the right people. 

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At Purple Leads (www.purpleleads.com), we facilitate online and offline marketing campaigns to generate RESPONSIVE leads that CLOSE for our clients. Some of our advertising mediums for lead generation include PPC (Pay Per Click) Internet Marketing, Television, Radio, and Bulk Mail.