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Purple Leads and National Media Connection Announce Strategic Alliance

Purple Leads is pleased to announce that it is now partnering with National Media Connection.  Purple Leads, the Internet’s premiere lead generation company, is now working with one of the country’s best lead generation companies that specializes in more traditional lead generation efforts such as television and radio commercials to provide you and your business with the best possible lead generation campaigns.  The combined efforts of both Purple Leads and National Media Connection can help you get the sales leads you need to grow your business. 


Direct Mail Leads

Finding new sales leads tends to be the primary goal of any new or small business.  Aside from asking happy clients to tell their friends about your excellent products or helpful services, how else can you find the new clients you need to sustain growth in your loan modification, debt settlement or credit repair business?  The answer to that question is direct mail.  A direct mail campaign can put you in touch with many people in your area who desperately need your help and expertise.  And Purple Leads can help you craft and implement a direct mail campaign that brings you the results you need.

At Purple Leads, we specialize in leads generation in a number of fields, including debt consolidation and settlement, loan and mortgage modifications and credit repair and restoration.  As the Internet’s premiere leads generation company, we have a proven track record of helping our clients find the leads they need to grow their businesses.  Our business is to help you find business, whether that turns out to be through a direct mail leads marketing campaign, Pay Per Click online ads, radio or television ads, or even aged leads.  Whatever your company’s size and budget, Purple Leads can develop and implement a marketing campaign that gets you results.

In an era saturated with online advertising, direct mail marketing can still be surprisingly effective.  Many people are wary of online ads because of the prevalence of scams and cookie downloading they have heard about.  Older people or people with little to no computer experience still rely heavily on flyers and ads when they need products or services like yours.  The added benefit of direct mail campaigns is that people calling your business from a flyer or mailing are not usually just looking for information-they are ready to team up with someone who can help them with debt settlement, loan modifications or credit restoration.  By the time they call your office, they usually have decided to move and are ready to act on that decision. 

Let Purple Leads help put you in touch with those potential clients.  Our team of leads generation professionals can help you customize your lead letters and contacts properly and reap maximum results for you.

If you own a small business, you know how important it is to find clients.  All the expertise in the world in auto warranties, reverse mortgages or bankruptcy is useless unless you can find a steady stream of clients who need your help with such matters.  If you need help finding clients, Purple Leads can help you.  Purple Leads is the Internet’s premiere leads generation service and we know how to generate viable sales leads to help you grow your small business.  One of the best ways to do this is through Pay Per Click ads online.

Pay Per Click online ads are one of the most effective methods of generating leads for your business.  These ads pop up whenever a person uses certain specific key words such as “auto warranty,” “reverse mortgage” or “bankruptcy” into a search engine such as Yahoo, Google or Bing.  As the results page loads, an ad for your business appears with a link that the potential client can click on.  The link redirects the potential client to your website where they can either read more about your products and services, or find a phone number to call and speak to someone at your company live.  These ads are effective because only the people who need your help are clicking on them.  This prevents you from wasting time and energy on old or inaccurate sales leads-time that could be better spent with fresh sales leads that will actually help you grow your business. 

Another helpful aspect of Pay Per Click ads is that they also offer analytical data that can help you see what types of people are searching for information regarding auto warranties, bankruptcy or reverse mortgages.  Analytical data can tell you where these people are, what time of day they tend to search for your services and what key words they use most often to find the information they are looking for.  This data, in turn, helps you streamline your ads and points you in the direction of even more potential clients clicking on your ads.

If you are looking for sales leads for auto warranties, bankruptcy, reverse mortgages, or any other type of business, Purple Leads can help you find them. 

Tax infomercial

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Our new tax infomercial.. set to generate some AWESOME converting tax leads !!

Debt Consolidation Leads

It is no secret that Americans are in debt.  Sometimes Americans are in such crippling debt that it hampers their ability to sleep at night, to say nothing of preventing them from purchasing a new home or car that they might actually need.  Many of these people may seek out help from a qualified credit restoration advisor, and debt consolidation may be one of their best options for tackling their extraordinary debts piling up. 

As a credit restoration advisor you know all about helping people eliminate their debts through debt consolidation or other means.  What you need is a way to find them and talk to people who are in over their heads and in sore need of your expert advice.  If you are looking for debt consolidation leads, then Purple Leads can help you.  Purple Leads is the Web’s premier leads generation service, proudly providing quality sales leads in several credit help and credit restoration areas, including debt consolidation. 

At Purple Leads, our staff of leads generation experts works hard to find you the clients you need to help you grow your business.  Our leads generation team is well-versed in both finding aged leads and generating new leads through a variety of methods including Pay-per-click internet ads, local radio and television commercials and even direct mail campaigns.  Purple Leads boasts some of the highest conversion rates, as well as some of the happiest clients, in the industry.  Our leads generation campaign is specifically tailored to your business and your budget considerations.  Additionally, we also work closely with our clients to specifically capture a particular demographic if necessary.  Our leads have high conversion rates specifically because we do our homework:  our leads are checked to make sure that they are complete and that all contact information is correct.  That way, you and your staff do not have to waste time on wrong phone numbers or e-mail addresses, or leads so old that the potential client no longer needs the help of a credit repair professional. 

Rest assured that with Purple Leads, your credit restoration business is in good hands.  Call Purple Leads today to get the debt consolidation and credit repair leads you need to make your business grow.

Purple Leads News!!!

Here’s the latest press release from Purple Leads on their wide range of credit repair lead products: