With today’s emphasis on the supreme importance of education, more and more people are heading to college and technical schools to give them the training they need for stable jobs.  To pay for this extended education, most people are taking out expensive student loans with increasingly high interest rates.  If you think that only young people with decades of time and work ahead of them are the only ones taking out student loans, you really should think again.  A recent report on student loan debt by the New York Federal Reserve found that people aged 60 and over made up nearly six percent of total borrowers.  Even more worrisome, however, is that nearly five percent of these older student loan borrowers were carrying past-due balances on their accounts.  For most of these older borrowers, matters may be complicated by the fact that older borrowers also tend to carry more credit card debt than people under 50.  What many of these older student loan borrowers may need is help with a student loan consolidation.  

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