Many recent college graduates have heard about student loan consolidation, but few of them really know what that phrase means.  As a student loan help professional, you want to tell them that student loan consolidation is where multiple student loans financed by the federal government are combined into a single monthly payment.  You also probably want to tell them that student loan consolidation is a great option for people who are currently struggling to keep up with payments on multiple student loan accounts every month, that having to write one check per month instead of four or more can make their lives so much easier.  Many recent college and university graduates may also not know that loan consolidation may be an even cheaper option as their current interest rates could go down to a lower, fixed rate, and the life of their loan is extended to allow them more time to repay their debts.  As a debt help professional, you know so many exciting and useful things about managing student loan debts, but you may have run into one simple obstacle:  how to find all those thousands of people out there who need your help and get their names and contact information to be able to sit them down for a chat. This is exactly where Purple Leads can help you.

As the Internet’s premiere lead generation service, Purple Leads is especially well positioned to help debt professionals find student loan consolidation leads.  You want to grow your business, don’t you?  Well, finding new clients to work with is the very first step.  Perhaps you have used other lead generation services before and have been left disappointed.  Purple Leads has a proven track record of happy clients and can help you grow your business.  Whether you have the budget for television, radio or web commercials, or want to start off with something smaller like online ads or even direct mailings, Purple Leads can craft the right marketing campaign for you.  Our team members carefully edit leads even before you see them so that you and your staff do not have to waste your time with outdated or incorrect information.  Visit our website today at, or call us directly at 1-855-32-LEADS (1-855-325-3237) to talk to one of our lead generation professionals right away.