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It’s a tough world out there for recent college graduates.  Media outlets all over the nation have reported what appears to be a shrinking job market, but another very real concern seems to be shrinking hourly wages, as well.  According to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the average hourly wages for people aged 21 to 24 have diminished by a shocking 8.4% since 2000.  According to the EPI, getting that highly-prized college degree will actually earn graduates $3,200 less per year than people who graduated into the job market in 2000-and that’s if they are lucky enough to find a job right away.  This is, understandably, not great news for people in their early 20s who are struggling to pay back their student loans. 

While the recent findings in the study by the EPI may come as a surprise, it is no secret that thousands, perhaps millions of Americans, are struggling with student loan debt and are often in need of the advice and help of a reliable student loan debt help professional.  If you are a student loan debt help expert, Purple Leads can help put you in touch with the many people who need your products and services.  As the Internet’s premier lead generation service, Purple Leads has the experience and knowledge to get you the student loan leads that will grow your business.  Your future clients are out there, and we can help provide you with the student loan leads you need to find them. 

Purple Leads offers student loan leads generated through a variety of means including web, radio and television commercials, online ads, direct mailings and even aged leads.  Whatever your budget or business needs, our lead generation professionals can help you find student loan leads as specific as local to your area, with a particular demographic or age group, or cast a wider net to look for student loan leads all over the country in any age group.  Whatever type of clients you need or prefer to work with, Purple Leads can help you find them.  Call us today at 1-855-32-LEADS (1-855-325-3237), or visit our website at www.purpleleads.com to find out more. 


If you are a debt help professional looking for your next client, Purple Leads is excited to announce that it now offers high-quality student loan consolidation leads.  While many college students and recent graduates have heard the phrase “student loan consolidation,” few may actually know what loan consolidation really is, or how very beneficial it may be to their finances.  As the Internet’s top lead generation service, Purple Leads can put you in touch with the people, young or old, that need your help and expertise in student loan consolidation. 

At Purple Leads, we know how important it is to find your next client to keep your business growing, which is why we use any and every tool in our arsenal in order to find solid, high-quality leads for you and your staff to work with.  Whether your budget is big enough to include full-scale television, radio or web commercials, or you want a more personal, web chat or direct mail approach to finding student loan consolidation leads, Purple Leads can make it happen for you.  Our lead generation professionals also take the time to carefully edit your leads before they even reach your desk so that neither you nor your staff is forced to waste your time on incomplete or incorrect information.  We deliver names and contact information for people actively seeking your products or services so that you can get back to doing what you do best:  helping people manage their student loan debt. 

As a founding executive of Purple Leads is fond of saying, “New clients are the life’s blood of any business.  At Purple Leads, we make it our business to find you business-in whatever way we can.”  Whatever your budget or your vision, let Purple Leads help you accomplish it.  Visit our website at www.purpleleads.com, or call us today at 1-855-32LEADS (1-855-325-3237). 

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At Purple Leads (www.purpleleads.com), we facilitate online and offline marketing campaigns to generate RESPONSIVE leads that CLOSE for our clients. Some of our advertising mediums for lead generation include PPC (Pay Per Click) Internet Marketing, Television, Radio, and Bulk Mail.

With today’s emphasis on the supreme importance of education, more and more people are heading to college and technical schools to give them the training they need for stable jobs.  To pay for this extended education, most people are taking out expensive student loans with increasingly high interest rates.  If you think that only young people with decades of time and work ahead of them are the only ones taking out student loans, you really should think again.  A recent report on student loan debt by the New York Federal Reserve found that people aged 60 and over made up nearly six percent of total borrowers.  Even more worrisome, however, is that nearly five percent of these older student loan borrowers were carrying past-due balances on their accounts.  For most of these older borrowers, matters may be complicated by the fact that older borrowers also tend to carry more credit card debt than people under 50.  What many of these older student loan borrowers may need is help with a student loan consolidation.  

This is a scary situation, but student loan consolidation help is out there, and Purple Leads can help you, the student loan debt help professional, connect with people of all ages that need your expertise.  At Purple Leads, we have the Internet’s premiere lead generation program, and we specialize in helping our clients find the new clients they are searching for.  Purple Leads can help you find leads through a variety of proven methods, including television, radio and web commercials, Pay Per Click online ads, web and live phone chats, and even direct mailings.  We leave no stone unturned in our effort to connect you with people who need your student loan consolidation help. 

Student loan consolidation is a tricky and often confusing process for many people, but you know what you’re doing.  Let Purple Leads help you find the people that need your services and advice so you can focus on what you do best.  Visit our website at http://www.purpleleads.com, or call us at 1-855-32LEADS (1-855-325-3237) to talk to a lead generation professional today.